Product CodeProduct NameMSDS
A001Seldur 18% Metallised PolishDownload
A001BSeldur BlackDownload
A004Stoneglo Marble & Terrazzo FinishDownload
A008Selseal Acryllic Based Floor SealDownload
A014Diamond BriteDownload
AF10LApollo All Round LemonDownload
AF10PApollo All Round PineDownload
AP003Apollo Kitchen CleanerDownload
AP02Apollo Bathroom CleanerDownload
AP05Apollo Toilet TrioDownload
AP06Apollo First Class GlassDownload
AP13Apollo Xtra Strength GlassDownload
AP14Apollo All Purpose WashroomDownload
AP22Apollo Scale OffDownload
AP25Apollo Easy Wipe With BleachDownload
AP33Apollo Easy WipeDownload
AP40Apollo Power CleanDownload
AP44Apollo Pro Bio Laundry PowderDownload
AP101Apollo Easy OvenDownload
B003Pine JellDownload
B006Lemon Floor JellDownload
B010Selsheen Anti-Static MaintainerDownload
B027Minit GlossDownload
C003 Kitchen CleanerDownload
C006Stone BriteDownload
C009Apollo 20% Washing Up LiquidDownload
C012Selosol DegreaserDownload
C014Apollo Rinse AidDownload
C032Hand Safe Hand Sanitiser Soap BactericidalDownload
C038Pink Pearl Hand SoapDownload
C049Glaze Window CleanerDownload
C053So Sterile Alcohol Hand Rub SanitiserDownload
C054/K054/T054Sabre Hard Surface CleanerDownload
C060Lemon Cream CleanerDownload
C071Apollo 10% Washing Up LiquidDownload
C082Apple PearlDownload
C082So Apple PearlDownload
C089Peach Pearl Hand SoapDownload
C116Dymapearl Caterting Pearl Batericidal Hand SoapDownload
C118Dymapearl IvoryDownload
C166Hand & Body Shampoo CoconutDownload
CC101PalTX Hand Sanitising WipesDownload
CC103Paltech Multi Surface WipesDownload
CC104Paltech Antibacterial WipesDownload
CHE11Encap briteDownload
CHE26Liqua GelDownload
CHE30Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain RemoverDownload
CHE31Formula 90Download
CP19Finish Rinse AidDownload
CP86Mr Muscle Multi Surface CleanerDownload
CP100Finish Dishwasher CleanerDownload
DS3Kleen Off Thick BleachDownload
DS14Domestos BleachDownload
DS17Dettol Antispectic DisinfectantDownload
DS39Jeyes FluidDownload
DS43Dettol Surface CleanerDownload
DS47/36Milton Sterilising FluidDownload
DT11Contract Washing Up LiquidDownload
DT900G/DT4GProfessional FairyDownload
E001Apollo 5% BleachDownload
E002/5Apollo Pine DisinfectantDownload
E005Selsan Disinfectant Deodoriser & CleanerDownload
E008Lime Fresh DisinfectantDownload
E009Selchem DKS Pear Drops Deodorising FluidDownload
E011Extraclor 10% Thick BleachDownload
E026Cutlass Washroom Cleaner & DisinfectantDownload
E030Apollo Lemon DisinfectantDownload
E076/1Odour NeutraliserDownload
E089/5Peach FreshDownload
F001Selstrip Emulsion Floor Polish StripperDownload
F005Selphen S Spirit Based Oil & Grease RemoverDownload
F014Selclen SDownload
F033Apollo Auto Dish WashDownload
F052Heavy Duty DegreaserDownload
F071/5Budget TFR Traffic RemoverDownload
F104Ampholclen SanitiserDownload
F116Selspeed Rinse Free Polish StripperDownload
F181Triple DetergentDownload
FM57Carefree EmulsionDownload
FM105Carefree Speed StripperDownload
FM120Carefree EternumDownload
FM124Carefree MaintainerDownload
FM150Carefree Satin PolishDownload
FM171Carefree UndercoatDownload
GP2LFlash Liquid LemonDownload
GP5Viakal Limescale RemoverDownload
H006Selscale Acid Concrete DescalerDownload
H063/1Apple Toilet CleanerDownload
H089/1Peach BowlDownload
J001Selvo Beer Pump & Line CleanerDownload
J002Caustic Food Plant & Oven CleanerDownload
J003Apollo Glass WashDownload
J004Thick Clinging Oven CleanerDownload
K002Selkill Fly SprayDownload
K005/M016/T005Select Multi Purpose PolishDownload
K007Silicone Lubricant Spray OilDownload
K008Penetrating & Release FluidDownload
K042AFood Safe Stainless Steel CleanerDownload
K133Maintenance Spray AS40Download
K139Fabric FoamDownload
K176Graffiti RemoverDownload
M105Barrier CreamDownload
M106Afterwork Cream PumpDownload
PRO1Extraction PlusDownload
PRO7Citrus GelDownload
PRO10Multi ProDownload
PRO11Dry BlendDownload
PRO13Fibre & Fabric RinseDownload
PRO15Fab CleanDownload
PRO18Fibre ShampooDownload
PRO20Carpetclean XLDownload
PRO21Odour FreshDownload
PRO24Powdered DefoamerDownload
PRO25Coffee Stain RemoverDownload
PRO27/33Urine NeutraliserDownload
PRO29Liquid DefoamerDownload
PRO30Odour NeutraliserDownload
PRO37Liquid WoolsafeDownload
PRO40/86Solvall SpotterDownload
PRO43/44Stain ProDownload
PRO47Leather CleanerDownload
PRO49Leather Conditioner Download
PRO57Fluroseal CFDownload
PRO58Fabric SealDownload
PRO65Bonnet BuffDownload
PRO68Double CleanDownload
PRO71Ultrapac RenovateDownload
PRO74Crystal GreenDownload
PRO77Cherry Carpet DeodoiserDownload
PRO85Power BurstDownload
PRO89Stone & Tile CleanDownload
PRO91Prespray GoldDownload
PRO92Fibresafe GoldDownload
PRO104Natural Carpet CleanerDownload
SP25Ariel LiquidDownload
SP42Persil Colour ProtectDownload
SP46Comfort RegularDownload
T008Stainless Steel PolishDownload
T133D-Bond Chewing gum removerDownload
T500/C500Selgiene ExtremeDownload
AP805Apollo Thick BleachDownload
SOR313Alcohol Hand Gel SanitiserDownload
CP404Proditab Dishwasher TabletsDownload
PRO50RED RXDownload
SOR323Devanit 70% Alcohol Hand Gel
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