At Apollo Janitorial Supplies, we recognise the importance of maintaining high safety standards, particularly in environments where cleaning chemicals are used. To this end, we offer a selection of key personal protective equipment (PPE) ideal for such conditions.

Our glove selection is meticulously curated to combine robust protection with unparalleled comfort, meeting a variety of professional demands across multiple industries. These gloves ensure safety while providing the dexterity needed for precise tasks.

Additionally, for enhanced facial protection, our glasses face shield offers a dual layer of defence against splashes and particulates, crucial when working with sprays and other cleaning chemicals.

For visibility in busy or low-light areas during cleaning operations, our hi-vis vest is essential. It ensures that wearers remain conspicuous, thereby enhancing safety in active environments. Similarly, our protective glasses offer a high level of safety, shielding eyes from both chemical and mechanical risks and are particularly suited to tasks requiring precision and adherence to strict safety measures.

Furthermore, our disposable overall Tyvek suits provide comprehensive protection, covering the entire body and offering a barrier against fine particles and chemical splashes. This makes them perfect for intensive cleaning operations where full-body coverage is necessary.

Each of these products is meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, ensuring that all cleaning activities are conducted in a secure and protected manner.

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Medical Cleaning Supplies

Apollo Janitorial Supplies provides a meticulously curated selection of medical cleaning and first aid supplies, tailored for healthcare settings to ensure safety and hygiene. Our range includes effective disinfectants for thorough surface sanitation and various first aid kits to address different emergency needs. For convenient personal hygiene, we offer the Clip on Hand Sanitiser, which is easily attachable and ideal for on-the-go use. Our Eyewash Station is essential for immediate eye cleansing, ensuring rapid response in case of contamination.

The First Aid Kit Bag, specially designed for vehicles, is compact yet comprehensive, equipped to handle common roadside emergencies. We also provide Disposable Aprons on a Roll, essential for maintaining hygiene in environments prone to spills or splashes. Blue Catering Plasters, detectable by most kitchen machinery, are vital for food service settings, preventing cross-contamination.

For treating burns, our Burns Gel is an indispensable product, offering immediate soothing and cooling effects. The Re-Usable Hot/Cold Pack provides flexible treatment options, suitable for both heat and cold therapy. Our alcohol-free No Germs Foam Hand Sanitiser is gentle on the skin while ensuring effective germ elimination.

Additionally, Sanitaire Absorbent Powder is perfect for safely managing spills by encapsulating liquids, and Hand & Body Wash Wipes are convenient for quick clean-ups without the need for water. Instant Cold Packs provide instant relief and reduce swelling in case of injuries, and the Body Fluid Kit is comprehensive, equipped to deal with more significant biohazard situations. Trust Apollo Janitorial Supplies to equip your healthcare facility with essential products that uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and care.