1. The Company Policy is to follow all regulations and subsequent amendments in conjunction with our individual product assessment sheets to make our operatives aware of the regulations covering the control of hazardous substances.
  2. This is in addition to, and not a substitute for, the Regulations or Codes of Practice currently in force in our Company Health and Safety Policy.
  3. We regularly review all products and carry out a full assessment of all new substances to conform with the COSHH Act and issue a full assessment sheet to every customer.
  4. Apollo has an excellent track record with regard to maintaining our own library of legal updates and Health and Safety information.
  5. This information is forwarded to us via some of the best legal advisors in the industry.

Free COSHH Training

This training would involve making each person in attendance aware of the hazards involved when using chemicals, the necessary precautions needed and the correct Protective equipment/clothing required. In addition each person attending the training is made aware of hazard signs and their meaning.

We generally raise awareness of chemicals being used, the environment they are being used in, the impact on personal health and the impact of other people coming into contact with them.
We provide a brochure at each session that outlines what complying with COSHH involves, COSHH bullet points and COSHH Symbols and a full explanatory description.